Bhagwan Chaudhary's Temple
Who did Chaudhary ‘s burial?In the last days of Bhagwan Chaudhary, the holy goddess, Gadhimai herself did the burial of her great devotee. In the history, there is a unique event related to the sacred burial of Bhagwan Chaudhary and succession of the wheel.

How the burial actually happened?

In his old age, when he was busy in the worshiping activities, the goddess decided for salvation of his great devotee. for this sake, She asked Bhagwan Chaudhary to go on a visit. Despite being in the old age with shivering hands, loosened skins and unbalanced legs, he agreed happily. Both of them started visiting the premises, the goddess leading him. Then, after sometime of the walk, they returned to the place where there is a very old  sacred fig (peepal) tree. At the tree, there is a place of another god called Brahm Baba. There the goddess asked Chaudhary to walk before her. After walking some distance from that particular place, the goddess kept her hand on Chaudhary’s head. Consequently, all of a sudden, the earth swallowed Chaudhary’s body inside. This holy burial brought salvation to Chaudhary’s soul.

Proof of Chaudhary ‘s burial. Where is it?

In present, there is a small temple just above the burial of him, north to the holy place of Brahm Baba.

What happened after his burial?

Next day he didn’t return to home then his son and the villagers began to search him. No one found him. In the search campaign, while his son Mahipal Chaudhary was sleeping. He saw his father in his dream. In his dream Bhagwan Chaudhary told his son not to worry about him and stop searching for him. He also told about his burial by the goddess herself and the place of his burial. Believing his dream, Mahipal with all his friends returned to the village. They shared the information with all villagers. After that, he took his father’s place and started worshiping Gadhimai.This is the history behind the holy burial of Bhagwan Chaudhary, the true devotee of master of supernatural power and the form of goddess Kali.