Daughter in law-Restricted to visit Gadhimai Temple

What is the prescription for daughter in law ?

Gadhimai temple is one of the famous and historical temple of Nepal. The prescription is about visiting this temple. This is the same temple which is famous for mass animal slaughtering in the world. But, this is only one aspect of the reality, this temple also carries important history about the prescription to Tharu daughter in law not to visit the temple.

Who are prescribed? Who are not?

The daughters in law of the local Chaudhary community in the premises of Gadhimai( Bariyarpur village). They are prescribed not to visit the Temple. All other girls, daughters and women have permission to visit the Temple except the daughter in law came in the village marrying the local Chaudhary. This tradition itself carries a unique historical event.

Real reason for the prescription

After the consecration of the goddess, Bhagwan Chaudhary became fully dedicated toward the goddess Gadhimai. His daily routine became full of different worshiping activities such as cleaning of the holy place, meditation, and several other activities.

The curse

     With the flow of the time, his son Mahipal Chaudhary got married. The newly brought daughter in law had all responsibility of the household works like to cook the food, serve it for Bhagwan Chaudhary, and others. It is believed that whenever Bhagwan Chaudhary was trekking out of the village, his daughter in law was serving his meal out near the temple. Then the goddess was miraculously delivering the meal to the Chaudhary. One day his daughter in law unknowingly kept a glass of hot milk in his breakfast. At the beginning of his breakfast when he drank the milk, his mouth burned. He ,then, cursed the daughters in law not to visit the temple and if done so one would be infertile.

Solution to the curse

Chaudhary’s daughter in law became afraid of the curse. when Chaudhary calmed down, she urged him for a remedy. As a reply, he told her,”I can not do anything. You have to urge in front of the goddess Gadhimai.” She urged the divine power for remedy to the curse. The goddess gave permission to visit the temple. But for only three days every five year during the year of main worshiping event. The goddess (Devi) allowed them to visit the temple Only on Fifth, Sixth and Seventh days of fortnight of Hindu lunar calendar.

At a glance

Hence, this is the historical reason for the prescription to not visit the temple. The old hermits, sages, priests and senior citizens of the village prescribed the Tharu daughters in law not to visit the temple. The peoples of Bariyarpur village, especially Tharu Community, widely accepts this custom. Due to the fear against the the reality of the curse observed by some of the women, they accepts to be abode by the tradition.

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  1. Wow!!! That’s how a culture/tradition happen to come into existence. I think every culture is an outcome of fear. Ok I support that Mr. Chaudhary’s daughter-in-law was found culprit and hence she deserved the punishment which she got. But why the so called civilized society banned others (daughter-in-laws) entrance in the temple. That’s just because of the fear which is most often reflected by preachers and those who blindly follow them. So in my opinion fear is the backbone of every tradition and we are bound to follow them.
    Sorry I don’t have much time to waste on arguing over such topics…

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