Lagna Vs Navamsa

Simply you can understand this… D1(Lagna) chart is like what you see in a person at the very first glance or what you see in a person from outside… But D9(Navamsa) chart is like how is that person actually from the inside heart. Some people are the same from outside and inside the heart. They have similar d1 and d9. Lights on Lagna vs Navamsa.

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Likewise, we don’t like some people at the very first glance… But later when we get engaged with those people… We find them very good from the inside heart. Such people have their D9 chart very nice but their D1 chart is not so good. Similarly, some people act like your best friend but actually behind the scene they are your backbiters… Like at the very first glance you think this person is very nice but later you come to know s/he was a cheater… And such people have their D1 very good but their D9 is not so good.

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But wait, I gave these examples just for simplicity but actually we can see everything just from d1… Yes, d1 is sufficient if we analyze it from the nakshatra level, there is no need for any divisional charts… Because all those divisional charts are made just from d1… But if we only see d1 deeply, we need to make a lot of manual calculations in our mind… Then only we would be able to identify the actual personality of the person… At the very first glance in d1, we can’t be sure of the actual personality of the person… As some people are different from outside and inside… So, for such peoples, we need to see d1 very deeply which will require huge manual calculations. And to avoid such manual calculations and to make our work easier, we directly see the precalculated D9 chart or any other divisional chart. This is the article for Lagna vs Navamsa.

Navamsa: not only for marriage

Everything has its own beauty, but not everyone can see.

If you are going to read this paraphrase expecting anything related to marriage and D9, then I am so sorry to say, you can skip it. Here I will share something different. Most of the astrologers look D9 for marriage but in my opinion, D9 holds a lot of amazing things not just marriage. It’s really an amazing Varga chart out of all. Not because it’s looked for marriage but actually because it tells about the actual personality and hidden talents of the person. The actual life path of the person.

Not only that D9 should also be looked for the career predictions in my opinion because D9 tells about the life path of the person. Most of the time, for my research, when I analyze the chart of any great person, then at the very first glance in their d1 shocks me. That’s how this person achieved this much success with such an average chart. Though, d1 is the mother of all Varga charts. At first glance, we don’t go up to the Nakshatra level. So, it looks average for us.

But if we analyze from the Nakshatra level, then there is no need for D9. But why to make extra headache if we can see the calculated D9, hahaha. Though Nakshatra level analysis is very much necessary for the awesome predictions, that I have experienced, There are lots of things encoded with the Nakshatras. Now you might think d9 changes around every 5 minutes, so how to see the d9 If birth time is not sure for too much precision, then, I suggest looking for a D9 because the ascendants of D9 changes with time fluctuation but at the time difference of just a few hours or few minutes sign placement of planets do not change (except moon) normally. As you know moon revolves faster. So, the sign placement in D9 almost remains the same.

Not only this much, Generally when I notice, a particular talent of a person. And when I look at their d1, I find nothing special at first glance. And I go for a D9, where I find all my answers. So, every time analyze any chart from up to the Nakshatra level, not just the sign and house placements. There are lots of awesome and secret yogas in the Nakshatra analysis which will really shock you. From there, you can predict a lot of amazing things.

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By Vivek Nepal

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