The best remedy in astrology

Well, you are here. So let me describe this topic: “The best remedy in astrology” deeply in the following points. As this article is going to be so lengthy, please read it with patience. I have tried my best to explain everything so deeply in this topic to the best of my knowledge and experience in astrology.

  1. The necessity of an astrological remedy
  2. Good time and bad time
  3. Frauds and cheaters
  4. Gemstones, yantra, tantra, mantra, etc
  5. Worshipping God
  6. Actual Remedy
  7. My little poetry

The Necessity of Astrological remedy

So, the first thing “why do we need a remedy?” Just to be away from pains and struggles and to be happy, Right? Everybody in this universe wants to have a happy life including me too 🙂 But the problem is, we just want happiness.

I doubt if there is anyone who loves the sorrows, too. Just imagine if all of us were blessed to have just happiness in our lives. Then, I agree, there would be no sorrows in this world but I question you “would you really be so happy?” I don’t think so……just because you would not realize the real value of happiness.

We become happy with happiness, only because we know those pains and struggles. I would like to repeat the same line again… i.e.” we don’t enjoy the moment of happiness, what we actually enjoy is… The moment with the absence of sorrows.” We don’t realize anyone’s value unless we lose them…This is human nature. I’ll give you a little example.

The practical example for Values and astrology

Just remember where have you thrown your cell phone charger right now…… I can say 90% of you have thrown it somewhere in your room or anywhere else… You don’t know exactly where it is… You even don’t know in which condition it is… And later when your battery will be down…..Then only, You will start to think of your charger… And suppose the rat has chewed its cable…..You have just a 1% charge and you have to make an urgent call…… At that moment you realize the value of your charger…And in a similar way, we treat our life.

So, from everything, I have written above….. What I have tried to imply is… “Pains, sorrows, and struggles are COMPULSORY to have a happy life as they make us realize its real value.”

Good time and bad time according to astrology

Someone had said, “The bad thing of a good time is, it doesn’t last forever and the good thing of bad time is also the same, it doesn’t last forever.” So, if you are in pain and struggle… Remember good days are coming for you… This is not only a philosophy, but this is also astrology… So, try to bear it with patience and hard work. Patience and hard work are agents for the best remedy in astrology.

Frauds and cheaters in Astrology

Remember one thing, no astrologer can make a beggar a billionaire or vice-versa. You might have seen lots of ads all over the Internet and Facebook too… Some of them are like ” यसो गर्नाले भाग्य चम्किन्छ…… यो लक्ष्मी यन्त्रले घरमा धनको वर्षा हुन्छ, यो रत्न धारण गर्नाले सम्पूर्ण मनोकामना पुरा हुन्छ, प्रेममा बाधा अड्चन, नौकरीमा कुनै समस्या या life को कुनै समस्याको समाधान………. गुरु वाट 24 घण्टा भित्र गरिन्छ…… ” believe me if you see such things…… they are frauds. So here, The best remedy in astrology will be to totally ignore such things.

An astrologer can’t change what is written in your destiny….. What s/he can do is guide you on the right path through his/her knowledge. As the “Jyotish” word in itself is formed by “Jyoti” + “ish” where “Jyoti” means light and “ish” means god. So, Jyotish means a person who throws light of god, meaning who guides others through divine knowledge…So, admit It… Jyotish doesn’t mean someone who can change anyone’s destiny. But s/he can really help you a lot in the moment of pain. They can guide you with the best way to achieve the path of your destiny.

Gemstones, yantra, tantra, mantra, etc

I never recommended anyone to wear any stones, or to chant any mantra or to keep any yantra, or to keep any kind of locket. First thing I don’t prefer these all. But you might ask me “do they work or not? ” My answer is both NO and YES. So, I said NO because for those stones, and yantras to work, any GREAT yogic or siddhi person should energize it. The best remedy in astrology will be at their highest in this way.

In my opinion, they work in a way that, some saints used to bless their disciples by giving some credits of their personal good karma in the energized form. As the lord, Krishna was given by his guru Sandipani. And in today’s world, you will hardly find any such yogic and siddhi person….. 99% of them are fake. So, the best answer is…Don’t run for any such remedies, they don’t work in today’s world.

And about mantras, they should be chanted with 100% accuracy and pure devotion to work. And, most of us can’t even accurately pronounce the word in “संस्कृत”. So, it is also not the best remedy in today’s world.

Worshipping God

And also I never recommend anyone to worship the planets or the god to please them. I know, most of you are thinking, what bullshit I am talking about but let me clarify you at first.

Here focus the phrase “TO PLEASE THEM”… So, what I actually meant is….” Pray the god, worship the god, worship the planets but for connecting your soul with divine energy as a devotion not for pleasing them or to make them happy” If you really want to make the god happy then don’t hurt anyone, do some good karma, do some good deeds… God will automatically be happy… You don’t need to worship him for that…As Bhagwat Gita itself says, You are free to do some good karmas.

Chapter 2, Verse 47 [ Bhagwat gita]

“karmanyevaadhikaaraste maa phaleshu kadaachana ” | Meaning… you have the right to do your karmas but not for its fruits… Even if you don’t have any rights to your fruits. the results of your karmas definitely pay back to you. So, if you do some good deeds definitely you will get some good results and if you do some bad karmas. It will be paid back to you in the same way. “What you give is what you get. ” सत्यमेव जयते, धर्मेव जयते, कर्मेव जयते This beautiful line is derived from the Mundaka Upanishad (mantra 3.1.6), written more than 2500 years ago!

सत्यमेव जयते नानृतं सत्येन पन्था विततो देवयानः येनाक्रमन्त्यृषयो ह्याप्तकामा यत्र तत् सत्यस्य परमं निधानम् Literal meaning: Truth alone triumphs, not falsehood. Through truth, the divine path is spread out by which the sages whose desires have been completely fulfilled, reach where that supreme treasure of Truth resides. Here truth means the good karmas… So, doing some Good karmas is also a part of the remedy.

Actual Astrological Remedy

I know you might be thinking, what’s the topic and what am I talking about….. Let me say you, I am not out of the topic… Just my astrological remedy is different, from most of the astrologers. But I am not saying they all are wrong, I am just giving my point of view… I am nobody to judge anyone. And it’s your right and your choice to choose, who is right and who is wrong….. So, let’s move to the point: The best remedy in astrology. One thing I liked about my guru is that “These all kinds of remedies provide positive feelings.”

They just make you think, “Now something good is going to happen in my life.” And this positive feeling is very much necessary for achieving success. Let me give an example, then you will better understand how important is positive feelings.

Suppose you have to cross the area walking through the road which is just 9 inches wide… Though it will be a little difficult you can cross it without so much difficulty.

But, if you are asked to cross the same, just 9-inch wide bridge 500 meters above the ground. Where there is no sidewall for hand support… Will you still dare to cross it….? I can say 90% of you would not, So, why it happens?

It happens because of negative feelings… That you fear falling down and the same thing happens in our life. Actually, I have learned and felt it through my guru Vishal sir… So, the BEST REMEDY is “Do something that gives you the positive feeling.”

For eg: someone might get the positive feelings by watching any inspirational movies or listening any motivational videos or reading any inspirational book, or just by listening songs or through meditation or just by drawing or writing something… while someone might get the positive feelings by visiting the temples, monuments, churches, mosque, or by worshipping the god, or just by praying him or just by helping the poor. While someone might get positivity by sharing their problems with their closed ones. Hence, transforming energies into positively around us is also a great agent for the best remedy in astrology.

Everyone has their own way and own hobbies which provide them the positive feelings and give them the mental satisfaction. So, my suggestion is… don’t run for any gemstones, lockets or something just like that…… Involve in your hobbies, do good karma, do good deeds don’t hurt anyone, and do the deeds which give you peace of mind.

And finally: “Love the life you live And live the life you love.”

My little poetry

If you are interested, go to this link below: Vivek Nepal Thanks a lot for reading Have a nice moment. And keep striving for the best remedy in astrology to act effectively.

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