Gadhimai Sacrifice

Gadhimai Temple is a Hindu Temple in the Southern Part of Nepal in Terai region. It is in Bariyarpur village of Maha Gadhimai Municipality in Bara District, Narayani Zone Province no. 2 . This Temple is very famous in the Terai part, somewhat neighbouring regions in hilly areas and the northern part of India. It is famous for the belief in the power of goddess, Gadhimai Sacrifice and the quinquennial (five yeared) Gadhimai Festival or Gadhimai Fair. It is also famous on the international stage for the largest animal slaughter known as Gadhimai Sacrifice.

Millions of devotees visits in the one month long Gadhimai Festival and millions of animals are sacrificed in the name of Gadhimai Sacrifice in just two days.

Ram Chandra Sah is the re-elected chairman of The Gadhimai Temple and Development Committee. Recently, he has attended an interview in a radio channel Akash F.M. He said that due to political turmoil, the auspicious journey of Shree Gadhimai Mela 2019 could not be conducted as expected.

Interview of The Chairman of The Gadhimai Temple and Development Committee, Ramchandra Sah
Interview of Ramchandra Sah, The Chairman of The Gadhimai Temple and Development Committee

He said that the agreement regarding the journey in The District Administration Office, Bara was a problem when the municipality did not agreed. Speaking on the occasion, Chairman Sah said that the committee is working tirelessly to make the Gadhimai Quinquennial (five-year) fair a historic one. He accused the mayor of the municipality of trying to limit the fair which is the pride of Nepal within a Ward.

Chairman Sah claimed that the honorable Court had given rights to the Committee and it is fair. He said, The Mayor had constituted a separate committee to manage and conduct the Fair. And, it’s creating unnecessary disputes, adding that he would not participate in any activities unless the mayor dismissed it. He said that the Development Committee constructed the Sacrificial Stadium purchasing about 2.51 acres (1.5 Bigha) land and the construction of a marriage pavilion is ongoing, purchasing about 0.5 acres (6 Kattha) land. Sah said the land has been purchased at a cost of NRs. 7 million to transfer the Gadhimai Multiple Campus for disturbance free education.

He said that there would be no situation to stop the sacrifice, at Gadhimai Temple, at any cost . He said that despite many efforts of native & foreign powers to stop the sacrifice, it was not successful. And, it will be the same in the future, he said.

He said free food, lodging and toilets are being arranged to make the fair grand and orderly.

He said that the central government had disbanded the Gadhimai temple for being in the Terai Region, out of valley. He said that special assistance was sought with the state government for the development of the Gadhimai temple. He said that the Gadhimai temple needed to be listed on the World Heritage Site.

There is a practice to sell the lands in the Gadhimai Fair to the merchants and businessmen for their business. Sah said that the price of the land will be determined after the formation of a committee. He urged the locals of the surrounding villages to help make the fair a success.He urged devotees from all over the country to help protect the reputation of the Gadhimai fair by supporting them from their own places. He urged the local people and the people to help make the fair grand and historic.

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  1. Disgusting and Vile these people are, slaughtering animals in this way. Women were raped at this fair last time. No words can describe the lunacy and backward thinking of these people.

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