google map snapshot to compare past and present location of Gadhimai Temple

Location comparison: past and Present of Bariyarpur village

In the history of Gadhimai Temple, the Bariyarpur village was shifted to south of its old location. To clarify, the famous and sacred temple of Gadhimai is located in Bariyarpur village of Maha Gadhimai Municipality in Bara district, province no. 2 in Nepal. If we closely observe the exact location of the Temple and the village, we can find that the village is south to the temple. This location of the village is not just a coincident or normal. In the past, the village was situated in the north to its present coordinate i.e. just in front of the temple facing it. However, there is an important part of the history of Gadhimai Temple behind the shifting of the whole Bariyarpur village.

Main Reason: The Problem in the Bariyarpur village

               After some years Bhagwan Chaudhary welcomed Gadhimai in the village and introduced her existence by following and worshiping her. Above all, all of a sudden starvation and epidemics prevailed in the village, persons and cattle of the village began to die. Such frightening events terrorized the village and the villager became fearful. The villagers supposed those events to occur due to the anger of the goddess Gadhimai. As a result, they started blaming Bhagwan Chaudhary “what sort of goddess have you brought in the village. She is only harming the livings instead of providing us prosperity.”

Reason for the Problem in Bariyarpur village

Hearing such words from the villagers Bhagwan Chaudhary got tensed and worried about the matter. So, he went to the goddess to discuss about it and its remedy. Reporting all the problems to the goddess Gadhimai, he asked for its reason and remedy. In the reply, The goddess said, “The reason for all this is the location of the village. That is to say, the village is just in front of my eye and it is my disrespect that someone directly faces me in my eye. It seems someone is challenging me.”

Solution to the Problem in Bariyarpur village

About the remedy to the problem, the goddess again said, “In order to get rid of this problem, you should tell the villagers to shift their houses out of my direct sight.” She continued, “Shift the village in the south of my direct sight and then all the problems will disappear from the village. All the villagers will be healthy and prosperous. Crops will yield surplus and no one will suffer my anger, anymore.”

Consequences of the Solution

Bhagwan Chaudhary returned to the village and narrated the words of the goddess to the villagers. As a result, all the villagers agreed to shift their houses and livings. They successfully shifted the whole village south to the old location and out of the direct sight of the goddess. After the shifting, the epidemic disappeared, all the ill peoples became healthy and prosperity prevailed in the village. Consequently, all the villagers became followers of the goddess.

Extension of the Bariyarpur Village

 At that time, the village was small and it was not so difficult task to shift the village. You can observe the proof of this event in the Bariyarpur village as it is south to the main temple of the goddess Gadhimai and it always extends in the south not in the north.


This is the real reason behind the shifting of the whole Bariyarpur village from its actual location to the south of the Gadhimai Temple, in the past time. 

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